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Term 2 Examination

Good afternoon readers! Today, i just want to share something about my previous examination which is called “Term 2 Examination”. This article is about the two subjects that i like from the Term 2 Examination. So i have decided that my 2 subjects that i like are English and Art.

Why i chose English and Art? I chose English subject because in the exam, the test was not really difficult at all. Because in that test i just need to write an essay and do fill in the blank. It’s not really difficult because i studied very well before the exam held. And unwittingly, i got the highest score! i got 90 on the test! that was the first time i got the highest score in English test.Β 

And second one, and also, i chose Art because the test was not difficult. Before the exam, Mr Ampri (our Art teacher) gave us an article about what we did before. So i read the article and during the exam, i could answer all the questions just in 20 minutes! And i thought that i would get high score in this test, but Mr Ampri did not tell us about the test result. And apparently i do not really care about the test result.

I think that’s all i can say for today, i hope you enjoy reading this article! πŸ™‚
Xie Xie! Thank You! Terima Kasih! Merci! Salamat!


2 Subjects That I Like In My Class

  1. PE (physical Education)

    I like PE lesson because I love sport, Sport is good for our health. There are so many sports that we can do it in this school, for examples: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, etc.

    I also like PE because the teacher, Mr. Gugun is very kind, he allowed us to choose what sport we are going to play. He is so fair, we like to study with him. But the bad thing is PE is only 1 period, it’s only 40 minutes, it is not enough for us, and we need more time. Although PE is only 40 minutes but we can enjoy this lesson, I can’t hate this lesson, because sport is part of my life.


  2. History

    History is also my favorite lesson, in this lesson we can learn about what happened in the past, specially the word war. But, this year History is only 1 period, the same as PE, last year History is 2 periods, it’s not enough for us to learn history in 40 minutes, there are so many things that we have to learn. Mr. Jhonny who is our history teacher is a good teacher. I like to study with him, Mr. Jhonni is my favorite teacher that is why I really like to study history.

Blog Competition

Hy all..:) Today i’m gonna give you about the blog competition that we did on 14 October 2012 in Mall Pekanbaru.

In this competition, sekolah mutiara harapan had join this competition there are 12 Groups that join this competition from sekolah mutiara harapan.There’re some students go to the Mall Pekanbaru by Bus from school, and there’re some students go to Mall Pekanbaru by their own car. I went to Mall Pekanbaru by my own car, but i was late..:D

But not because we’re the most many, we could win the competition, It’s wrong, Actually no one of us won the competition..:D i don’t know why..:D maybe we couldn’t make the blog nicely..:D but actually the winner of the competition i think, they copied the Border of the blog from the other blog -_-. But we can’t complaint,Β because the rules from the judge can not be contested, so all of the participants from PKL.Kerinci couldn’t compaints..:D

But from this competition it’s make me have a new experiences how to won the Blog competition next year, i hope that i could win the next Blog designing in Mall Pekanbaru..:)
And sekolah mutiara harapan has the best school in designing blog ever..:)

okay..:D that’s all about the competition..:D THANK YOU..:)

A Nice Tuesday Night For “YOU”

Hy all.. πŸ˜€ now i want to tell you about our performance in our school.. πŸ˜€
Our performance was happen on Activities week.. πŸ˜€ the Activities week was happen on 14-16 May 2012.. Our performance was happen on Tuesday Night or 15 May 2012.. πŸ˜€ Oh yes.. i’m forget to tell you what is our Song.. Our Song Title is “You”.. πŸ˜€

First about our performance, when we want to Performance we always practice every Art and Music lessons.. πŸ˜€ For me, our performance wasn’t so difficult, because we only need to remember our Part.. πŸ˜€

The second one, when we were perform, we were wearing a shirt and a pair of Pantaloons, and the girls were wearing a gown.. πŸ˜€ Β Before we perform, we had to practice together with grade 8, we did that because our teacher want this performance is good.. πŸ˜€
and..For me when we were practicing we sing very well.. Β πŸ˜€

And the Tuesday Night was arrived.. Β πŸ˜€
i was so nervous.. πŸ˜€ Β but when i was nervous our teacher said just look at the clock, and it’s make me feel better.. πŸ˜€
when we perform, Ms May said we had to Smile.. πŸ™‚
Ms May will look at us when we were perform.. πŸ˜€
and after the perform was happen i didn’t feel nervous anymore.. πŸ˜€
and then our perform was end.. πŸ˜€

That’s all.. πŸ˜€
Sorry if there were some mistakes..
because People Make Mistakes.. πŸ˜€


Edutrip to Singapore

Halo all πŸ˜€ .. today i want to tell you about what we were doing in Singapore 17-20 May 2012. Β πŸ˜€

First, we went to SSQ II Pekanbaru by bus at 8.30 and then we flied to Batam at 11.40, after that we went to COASTARINA Beach. In Coastarina all of us were sat near the beach. The scenery there was very nice i like it πŸ˜€ … Β after that we were went to GHOST HOUSE, we had to paid about 10 thousands rupiah. all of us are afraid, hahaha πŸ˜€ Β in GHOST HOUSE there was very dark even we can’t saw anythings.. hahaha πŸ˜€ all of us just scream as we can… hahha πŸ˜€ .
And Β then we went to Restaurant Padang in Batam hahaha πŸ˜€ ..
after that we went to SARI JAYA HOTEL.. πŸ˜€

and then at the morning, we had to go to Singapore by a Ferry at 11.40.. Β πŸ˜€
from Batam to Singapore it’s only 45 minutes ( by ferry ) we saw a beatiful beach.. Indonesia is a great Country.. πŸ˜€
From Batam we could see Singapore.. πŸ˜€

and then.. after we were in Singapore we went to Universal Studio Singapore, we played until 6 o’clock from 12.30.. πŸ˜€
but we need more time to played all off the game in Universal Studio.. πŸ˜€
we also enjoyed that..:D i wanted to go to Singapore again.. πŸ™‚
after we played in Universal Studio we continoued our Trip to Orchard Street..
i liked to go there… it’s a beautiful town, there were so many Mall and Plaza, all of the buildings were nice.. πŸ˜€

The next day, at the morning. We went to Merlion park..:D it was so beautiful.. πŸ™‚ but we only had 10 minutes at the Merlion Park, even we can’t buy anythings.. πŸ˜€
after that, we went to RGS..
RGS is nice… the school is nice.. πŸ˜€ and also the students.. πŸ˜€
all off them are good, they could speak English fastly..
even i can’t understand what they are talking about.. πŸ˜€
that was because they talked so fast.. πŸ˜€

after in RGS we went back to Harbour, and then we were go to Batam.. πŸ˜€
we only could say “Good bye Singapore,Good bye Universal Studio.. :(” hahaha.. πŸ˜€
and then after we were in Batam we back to Sari Jaya Hotel..
at the night we went to NAGOYA MALL… πŸ˜€

and then we back to our Hotel at 9.30.. πŸ˜€
after we were in Hotel somo of my friends asked me to go to their room.. we had a party..
hahha… πŸ˜€
after that we played in my room until 1 am.. πŸ˜€
because we wanted to watch the UEFA CHAMPIONS.. πŸ˜€

and at the morning..
we went to Putri Island..
after that we went to AIRPORT and then we back to PEKANBARU..


Those are some Photo of us when the Edutrip was happened :

Futsal Match with SMP 2

hy all.. i’m back again to post another acvitivties in my school…:D

Today, 12 may 2012 we played match with SMP 2 Pkl.Kerinci, we played in LAGO FUTSAL Pkl.Kerinci. Our Player are me,Ombun,Surya,Yofien,Albertus,Yohannes Alexius and Yusuf Hidayat. Fisrt we are lead the match with score 5-4 ( in first round ), and our BEST Keeper Albert can catch some of SMP 2 player shoot πŸ˜€ ( nice Albert ) ;).

in the second round we played with our first round player, but in second round we only can made 2 goals..:D
and the last score was 6-7 😦

though we were Lose but we were enjoyed our match, because we just played like we were not have a match..:D just like played with our friend..:D


okay.. only that..:D
thank you..:D

Draw an Abstrack Picture in Art Class

hy all.. now i’m back to post another activity in my school…!!! ^_^

A few week ago… we wanted to drawed an abstrack picture on a canvas..
all of us.. need a theme, first my theme was Anger.. but i cant drawed something with an anger theme. So i changed my theme, but i don’t know the theme.. πŸ˜€
and then i start to drawed with my mysterious theme hehehe πŸ˜€
i made it at the background i put a red and white colours, and at the middle i put the other 4 colours like Yellow,Black,Green and Blue..
what i was drawed had a meaning, it meaned in Indonesia there were a lot of ethnics.

all of us had a nice drawed including Ombun, i think he was the best and also jennifer’s work was nice..^_^

That’s all.. πŸ˜€